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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  March 12, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's friday! [ cheers and applause ] >> sure is, and a rainy start to the friday morning. march 12th already. i'm jessica kartalija in for don scott. good morning, we'll begin with weather. sharon, we'll get to you in a
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minute. well, all right, we'll talk about how sloppy it is. this is the first warning doppler weather radar. it's been raining steady and heavy over the past four or five hours. this batch is going to last until 10:00 and then, we'll have scattered showers and then round two begins and goes into tomorrow night. we have a flood watch in affect area wide with the acception of the southern 50 corridor. it almost sounds like the same litany we did during the february blizzard. well, it's basically the same storm. 51 at lunch and 52 this evening and steady temperatures in the low 50s and steady rain throughout the day. all right, marty, thank you. the roads are also slick out there. hi, jessica, we would expect more problems at this
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hour and right now, we have one. that's an accident in the city and that's at cherry hill road. we have a disabled vehicle from the bay bridge. and this is the second one on the westbound span. there's a live look outside at quarantine road and everything's moving smoothly. and there's a look at the northwest side of the beltway. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information, go to jessica, back to you. >> here's what people will be talking about today. a new twist in the murder for hire plot. a woman is accused of ordering the murder of her husband. andrea fujii has more at the murder seen. >> reporter: well, good morning, everyone. karla porter is behind bars after a judge denied her request for bail and after the
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hearing, we got the incite into what her defense may be. friends and neighbors of the porters can't believe what's happening. >> they're shocked. >> reporter: karla porter and fife others is charged in the murder of her husband, ray. her attorney says she's not a bad person. i've known her for a couple of years and she tries to help people and she's always in the past attempted to help anyone. >> reporter: carla confessed to her role in the plot. she brought the hitman to the store to kill her husband. >> she participated with family members and others in carrying out this murder at the station. >> reporter: her attorney says that he was abusing her for years and that's why her relatives and friends helped kill him. >> we've gone to political events together, ray and karla
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porter and my wife. you would not have known they had problems. >> reporter: as karla porter's attorney argued for bail, he said she must meet with a psychiatrist. he said that this case will involve psychiatric elements. thank you. all six suspects are still in jail this morning. two are recovering after gunshots range out at east baltimore. it happened at 6:30 yesterday. a man and a teen were both wounded and there's no word on their current condition. and the wife and daughter of senate majority leader, harry reed are recovering after a serious car crash. they were driving on i-mate virginia and -- i-95 in virginia and they were rear ended by a tractor trailer.
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the senator is doing his best to stay focused. >> you know, we'll continue to work and try to get the nation's business done. this won't slow him down, he may have to spend quite a bit of time with his wife. >> reporter: the senator's daughter was released from the hospital last night and the driver of the tractor trailer has been charged with wreckless driving. there's growing concern about the size of governor o'malley's spending plan and now, it could be getting slashed. denise koch has more. >> reporter: this is the budget crunch that several are facing. it could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in spending cuts. according to the sun, the senate's budget and taxation committee's talking about cutting between 500 then $600 billion from the budget.
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the cuts that deep would include education, health care and aid to local jurisdiction. you can read more in today's edition of the baltimore sun. the budget panel will have a spending plan by monday and it will be on the floor by the end of the month. acorn is dropping the lawsuit against a hidden camera video. it appeared to show acorn workers giving advise to people posing as a pimp and a prostitute up it allegedly contains illegal advice. they're still constructing a legal strategy. and a major victory for the opponents of a slot machine bill. petitioners gathered more than enough signatures to put the
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slots on the ballot. people living near the mall say that the machines will bring in traffic and crime to the area. in this morning's masn report. the o's just snapped a 6 game losing streak. kevin mills struggled early and the o's lose. yikes. and the terps are lacing up their sneakers to night. and that's after a first round buy. gary williams will lead against georgia tech. the terps are seeded highier, and they're taking nothing for granted. i remember my freshman year, we won seven games straight and we lost our first
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guam, our first acc tournament game. we tough. new this morning, items up for bid on ebay -- sheila dixon's used xbox is up to $1500. it would normally have a value of $100. the items were seized as part of a plea deal. the proceeds are going to a baltimore charity. okay, we need to revisit the story here. >> okay. >> i'm doing this because of this great e-mail. >> do we recab? yeah, jessica, recap it. >> the man's a chef out of new york. he decided to use his wife's leftover breast milk and make cheese.
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his friends tried it and said it's not half bad. said it's kind of gouda. >> well, you're on the right track, jessica. i get this e-mail from richard crystal. if herman munster did the same thing with his wife lily, would the result be munster cheese? [ laughter ] >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, there's so -- >> that's the greatest e-mail in the history of the show. there's so many places we could go with this story. >> well, we'll go to the weather and to the ronster, that will safe us from unemployment. >> there's a sandwich i love
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getting around here, it's roast beef, i'll never get it again -- >> breast milk and cheese. >> no, munster cheese. >> that's great. >> i'll never be able to eat it again. >> that's soaking rain and it's sloppy out there. we'll talk to sharon gibala in a moment. and look at the traffic cam. that's a lousy afternoon here. there and that's round two of heavy rain. there and taking a look here, the fact of the matter is, we have to keep a flood watch in effect. the ground is supersaturated. i said something stupid the other day, i said that the air could use a good washing. well, this snow disappeared from half of the backyard and i had a tree come down in the backyard and i made it half way through the backyard and i was sinking deep in mud.
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we're supersaturated. and this watershed is going to help absorbing the run off and so is the potomac watershed. this is the story. go back to the graphic. this is the story we'll have to watch closely throughout the course of the weekend. we'll do it on air and online at and this is going to last until saturday night. let's go to the ronster. why are we there? >> reporter: well, it's money power day 2010. it happens tomorrow. you need financial assistance and help with taxes? this is the place to be! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: show me the money, we have the story when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's the first warning doppler, we've changed the scans now. we'll speak now, about 10:00, the soaking rains abate to shower activity and we'll get a break in the action. this is a big, deep developing area of low pressure. it's already pulling it's own gulf moisture into the tennessee valley and as it moves east, it will grab moisture and come pummeling into the area. we'll look at the watch and warnings and advisories. here's a graphic showing what's going to happen later. if we changed the word flooding rain to blizzard. if we just changed this to blizzard, it would look like the graphics during the february snow events themselves. this is all the way down to the
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chesapeake bay. we'll get 2 inches of rain and the bigger impact is up the 95 corridor like the last winter event. there could be 3 to 5 inches in some locations north and east of the area. here's this morning's soaking rain and it's been raining hard. the heaviest rain will be 4:00 this afternoon and throughout tomorrow night. and even sunday, we have to linger the shower activity around. we're calling for a high of 54 and wind sweeping rain at times and a low at 46 and a high temperature of 54. leftover shower activity 51 and partly sunny and 54 and almost 60 again. tuesday and wednesday, 58 degrees both days. let's send it to sharon with the latest on traffic. hi, jessica, well, it's been a quiet morning commute and we've cleared up the accidents.
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we have one issue on the bay bridge and a disabled vehicle on the westside. and everything's moving smoothly and no delays despite the vehicle. the west side of the beltway's wet. and this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a ltd . of people wondering about the toyota recalls. to get the facts and information, go to let's end it to the -- send it to the ronster. >> reporter: happy friday, we're previewing a major event which happens here. it's money power day 2010. good morning, money power people. and here's joanna smith, the director of "cash." >> i love that title. >> it's the greatest one you can have. >> well, it starts at 9:00 and
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the mayor and the congressman cummings will be here and tomorrow, it's about you and your financing and we'll have free tax preparations and foreclosure counselings and activities for youth and anything you need to know, they'll be here tomorrow. >> 9:00 to 3:00 tomorrow and by the way, marty and jessica, listen to this -- we'll have, in the parking lot, a shredder truck. >> it's time to clean out your house of all of the documents you don't want anyone else to see. we'll have a big shredder truck outside and bring your boxes and come inside. bring your kids. it's a family day. >> you have a lot of kids out there. >> we have a whole youth zone for the littiest to the high school aged folks.
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everyone at any age needs information about money. and then, the older kids will have workshops about saving for college and proms. also, how to start businesses as a youth. everyone's got a great idea, why not start when you're 14. >> all right, money power day 2010, it's tomorrow and don't forge, mart -- and don't forget, marty and jessica, spring forward saturday night. all right, guys, have a great weekend, come on down. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is kicking things off at 9:00. have a great weekend. >> i just want to tell you something, ronnie. i've been working and good friends with jess since how many? i've never seen you get more tickled -- she was like, look
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at that. >> i mean, who is in the leprechaun? >> what's your name? >> money elf? >> i want one of those. >> how do you like show business. >> i have one of those, he's brian. >> yes! >> all right, have a great weekend. see ya. >> so, moving along. everyone needs a money elf that throws. oh, yes! up next on the morning edition. [bird chirping] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a fungus that's killing bats is now in maryland. alex demetrick has more. report the first time the researchers saw it was 2006. thousands of dead and dying bats and an unknown fungus is the only symptom. >> the fungus agitates it enough that it wakes up in the middle of the winter.
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that's a death sentence. >> it wakes up and it has to go and feed and they feed on insects and insects aren't around in the wintertime. >> the biologists have been studying they will and looking at the bats. >> there's no tearing. this is healthy and it's stretchy and well hydrated. >> and no sign of the fungus until last week. about 90% of the bats die and it's an unfortunate discovery, it's cause for alarm as far as the bat populations. >> it poses no human health risks but if the bats disappear, so does a predator of insects. >> they save farmers a billion dollars a year in crop loss. >> no one's sure where it comes
6:26 am
from, but there's no cure. >> the hope is that enough bats develop immunity so that the rebound can occur, there's no guarantee on it. time will only tell. >> the fungus hits hardest in rural areas and the researchers don't expect to see it in urban sites where the colonies are smaller. and still to come, toxic dust. 9/11 responders may get the payout they've been looking for after serious health problems >> reporter: new insights as to why a wife and mother may have hired a hit man to kill her husband. we have two accidents and a delay and we'll tell you where
6:27 am
they are, straight ahead. the man's name is clark rockefeller. remember that story, we had an update on the man known as shark rock -- clark rockefeller. and now, there's a made for tv movie about a man who conned his way into boston society and he married into debutante and had a daughter and the marriage was taken down by the love of his daughter. he kidnapped her and actress sherry springfield will be here with us on coffee with. it's a really good coffee with with a big local tie in. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's friday and a rainy start to your friday on this march 12th morning. wjz-13 has weather and traffic together. let's send it over to marty. i want to look at the day
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part and then the first warning doppler weather radar. we'll take you on a tour deforce. it's raining now and it will be throughout the day. the heaviest rains will be during the morning and afternoon. and temperatures essentially remaining steady around 50. we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. what we're looking at are two completely separate storms if you will. the first is over us right now, the second is sitting down here between little rock and atlanta. that's going to bring the gulf moisture into the area. and having said that, let's look at what's going on currently. i want to change the scans. you're looking at the moisture a loft. this is the doppler scan and it's falling, it's falling everywhere. this is round one of two rounds. and here's your watch, warning and advisory graphic. because of all of the rain,
6:32 am
now, we have a flood watch in effect. jessica, take it away. >> >> marty, thank you. hi, jessica, well, it's getting busier out there. we have two accidents to talk about. one on rebird street and another here. and we're looking at mild delays on the westside of the beltway. 45 miles per hour is your average here. that's a 14 minute drivetime and there's a look at the beltway and that's on the topside. that's near maryland 41 and the westside near liberty road. there's been a lot of people wonder about the recalls. to get the latest, go to it appears that the president's goal to reach a health care agreement may not
6:33 am
happen after all. >> reporter: democratic leaders are make it clear, dead lines won't dictate the health care reform debate. >> we'll take up the bill when we're ready. >> reporter: the white house wanted the bill to be ready next week and the lawmakers are still waiting for a cost estimate and once they get that, nancy floreen says they'll have a week to review it. >> it's not, well, it's not something we want to drag out. >> reporter: with the republicans refusing to support the measure, pelosi is struggling to round up the votes needed in her party for passing it. her job was tougher thursday when the leaders pushed forward without the group of democrats holding out for stricter abortion language. even officials admit they may not get the overhaul in time. we want to get it as soon as possible.
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if it takes a few extra days, it takes a few extra days. >> reporter: the white house the lobbying hard. after hitting the roads, president obama will head out again next week. by then, the leaders hope to put finishing touches on the agreement. >> we're comfortable about the health care bill. >> reporter: a bill may be in site, but it's unclear what it will look like. harry reed is going to use a process of reconciliation to overcome a republican filibuster. a settlement for first responders in new york could give 50 million-dollar. it would settle ten thousand
6:35 am
lawsuits who say they were sickened. and they didn't have respirators. >> the facts presents to us proves that men and women are sick and dying from their actions. >> reporter: new york's mayor said this was a fair and reasonable resolution to a complex set of circumstances , the deal must be approved by a judge and workers. bail was denied for the woman accused of ordering the murder for her husband in baltimore county. wjz is live and andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning, jessica and everyone. karla porter remains behind bars and her attorney says that the mother of three had been abused for years by her husband and that may be a motive.
6:36 am
>> reporter: friends and neighbors can't believe what's happening. karla porter and five others is charged in the murder of her husband, ray. her attorney says she's not a bad person. >> i've known her for a few years now and she tries to help people and she's always attempted to help anyone that needed help. >> reporter: she cease confessed to helping in the plot. she brought the hitman to the store to kill her husband. her attorney says he was abusing her for years and that's why her relatives and friends helped kill him. >> we've gone to political events for years and you would
6:37 am
have never known there are problems. the other people behind bars are family members and the cousin is seeking to be released from jail, soon. he says he had nothing to do with the crime. friends said that ray porter planned on retiring soon and moving to florida. mystified. that's how a toyota executive feels about a prius on a freeway. he says that all prius have a break override system and he doesn't know why it kept going. the car sped to 90 miles per hour before a police officer helped him to stop. and also this morning, lawmakers are taking a hard look at the government agency that's supposed to regulate the auto makers. some criticize them with being
6:38 am
too cozy with the auto industry. and the upcoming march madness tournament may carry a penalty for employers. according to a new study, that could cost companies $1.8 billion in lost productivity based on spending 20 minutes a day on the games. but, if you like to do so, we'll invite you to try your hand at the bracket challenge. challenge all of us -- did i leave anyone out? go to the annual list of the world's richest people features a familiar face, the raven's owner. he's up $1.5 billion.
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he ownes a staffing firm and he's 655 on the list of $900 billion. he's the only one in the area to make the list. very cool. a lot of hard work. when he started the arrow tech, it started out of his home and he was so determined to make it a business, he would put on a coat and tie [no audio] >> do you think he has it? >> well, we're hoping it's anquan boldin. >> well, round of applause to him. they would have said, he's a
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great guy. >> well, cool. >> it is cool. well, it's sloppy outside. >> it is. >> her's the first warning doppler on the local scan. and this is the first of two waves of rain coming our way. let's look at the forecast and we'll go for a high temperature. high temperatures around 54. essentially, conditions and temperatures are remaining steady throughout the day. tonight, it will get wet. and a 46 overnight and tonight and tomorrow night, we have to watch for flooding around the atlantic. we have a few inches of rain and we'll have a complete. we'll show you a graphic. it's like deja vu all over again. we have wjz-13 traffic control and it's a story that gained national attention. clark rockefeller, he said
6:41 am
that's who he was. remember, he talked his way into boston society and had a daughter. the lady who stars as his wife is joining us on coffee with. it's an interesting look at the story with ties to your neighborhood. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we'll have weather updates today. we'll have problems along the coast possibly. we have a serious weather scenario over the weekend. here's the watch and warning advisory graphic. i want to show you the photo here. here's the slug of moisture number one. it's been raining all night, i mean, steady, heavy rain. down to the south and west. that's the leading edge of rain leading our way. it will get itself to the coast and bring us moisture from the atlantic. i mean, it's one of the double shot lows. not unlike we've seen since the first snow early in december, to be honest about it.
6:45 am
now, hay in hagerstown and down to 48 and 50. 48 in easton and 47 degrees down at the ocean. 46 in bel air and westminster and 50 rock hall and annapolis. if you change this to flooding rain to blizzard, that's just like the graphic we had in december and then, in february, that speaks for itself. coastal problems down to the bay. we have a few inches of rain coming our way and potential flooding in the mid-atlantic, with more rain, three to five inches locally and we'll have another issue down the coast. and the low gets out of here and sunday, we'll have a lingering shower in the out look. 54 is the high this day and periods of rain and that's wind
6:46 am
swept at times and tomorrow, we're talking about wind swept rain and a temperature of 54 degrees. throughout the week, we'll drop it to 51 and i know we have activities on sunday, and right now, it's not looking like it will be that great. we have room for improvement though. we're almost at 60 by next weekend. >> well -- we'll send it to sharon gibala now. we have two disabled vehicles on the bay bridge and now, there's an accident locking the left lane. rebird, there's an accident and minor delies on 95 and there's a look at the speeds and drivetimes. delays on the top and westside outer lupes. that's between 795 and 47 on the topside, there's a look at
6:47 am
the delay at liberty road and 95, north of 100, it's wet outside though and that could be creating more problems. this is brought to you by toyota and an important message for toyota owners. to get the facts and information, go to well, you may know sherry springfield from "er" she's with us this morning because of a life time movie she's on. >> reporter: sherry, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition, baltimore, maryland. where the conclusion of the movie takes place. >> that's right. i should ask you questions. >> go ahead. >> what was it like being there when it happened. >> well, it was somewhat surreal to think that a man
6:48 am
could get away with being an imposter for that long. >> and then end up here. >> and doing it in baltimore. >> i mean, did you study him much. did you study the character much? you played clark rockefeller's wife and mother of his child. >> well, we were lucky, there wasn't a lot about her, the basic stuff and knowing what she did and where she went to school and this story. after he abducted her and all -- you know, the insanity broke out, they had the trial tapes. i mean, you know, i sat and watched hours and hours and hours and hours of her testimony. her testifying and i got to see exactly who this woman was and watch her retell her life to a
6:49 am
court. so, that was incredible and invaluable and there were the news clips of the insanity that happened and there was a lot of live footage of her in baltimore, and her finding out and running to the kids and the reunion and there was a lot of documentation of the story. that was incredibly helpful. >> to this day, well, for instance, he was in the news this week. what was it? >> was his trial denied. >> yeah. and every time i see him, i think, he's a creepy looking dude. >> can you believe it, it's unbelievable. well, he conned his way into one of the tightest social circles in america and maybe other than palm beach.
6:50 am
>> but a magnetic personality? >> well, with looks like that? larry from the three stooges would have been an ambassador. he had to have a great wrap. did you meet anyone with a great wrap that was a sharely ton? >> honey, i live in l.a.. this stuff happens all of the time. and of course, not on this level, but it speaks into a lot of things. getting into a tight social circle, people are impressed with power, status, money. >> well, he picked a good name. >> yeah, no joke, and no one questioned it and the other is, you're not assuming that i, i said i'm from texas and you don't question that.
6:51 am
it's normal not to question people. a healthy person doesn't think, they're lying about who they are. >> and all you have to do is google him and you can find out anything. >> well, he did do diligence. he didn't say, oh, i'm the rockefeller family -- it's like, you know the cousin and my uncle and he was like, i'm associated and he wasn't saying -- i don't know half the family and uncle, whatever went to this school. he did, you know, well, it's like -- it's like family of. related to the big rockefeller -- he was so smart -- >> all of the pieces had to fall into place and for him, until love for a child and that's what it boiled down to. that took him down.
6:52 am
>> yeah, it did. don't you love it? it's like, yeah, the monster actually got a little bit of a heart in there. >> all though misguided. unfortunately our time's up, you can see it on the first run and it will be plaid many times over. it's great to have you on. you do quality work and you're a credit to the screen actor's guild. >> thank you, you're a doll. >> thank you. who is clark rockefeller. he's a guy in prison in maryland, we'll answer that now. >> did you cover any of that? yeah, did you? >> well, yeah, when i first got here, limited coverage, but it was a fascinating case and we were all glued to it. >> we'll take a break and be
6:53 am
right back. first warning doppler weather radar and more after this. ,,,,,
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6:55 am
we've got a break from the rain now. we'll have more for the next three hour and then, a break until 4:00. periods of rain and 54, hate ore on, it -- later on, it gets rainy and flooding. and 46 is the low and 54, rain continues into tomorrow night. now, over to sharon gibala.
6:56 am
hi, sharon. well, hi, marty, the morning commute isn't bad. two accidents and both in the city. rebird avenue and john's street and 95 southbound, slow from the beltway. that will cost you 4 minutes and down to 32 miles per hour on the westside outer lupe. there's a live look at 95, north of 100 there's the delay at liberty road. this is brought to you by sun belt granola bars. jessica, back to you. an attorney for the woman accused of killing her husband says he's been abusing her for years. karla porter and five others are in jail and their bond is denied the terps are getting ready for their second game in the acc tournament. gary williams will lead the team against georgia tech tonight at 7:00.
6:57 am
stay with wjz-13 maryland's news station. complete news, weather ,,,,,,,,
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